Scuba Dive in Kuta,Lombok

 Scuba Dive  in Lombok

Lombok offers amazing scuba diving experiences for divers of all levels. We have partnered with DiveZone who offer diving in the three main scuba diving spots in Lombok and all of them are worth a visit.

Belongas Bay

Belongas Bay is right on the south coast, on the west side. The conditions are challenging but the rewards are a plenty. Pristine reefs, an abundance of sea life including schools of mackerel, HUGE tuna, barracuda, reef sharks, sea snakes, unbelievable macro including harlequin shrimp, leaf fish, orangutan crab and loads more. There are about 8 known dive sites but your best chance of seeing the big stuff is The Magnet, a pinnacle that sits majestically out in the open sea, attracting a wide range of pelagic including schools of hammerhead sharks and manta rays. If your preference is macro then Gili Sarang is out of this world, and the mobula rays love it round there.

Good for: Exciting, challenging and mind blowing diving (not good for courses!)

Look out for: Everything! Pelagic, macro and the big wide smiles of your fellow divers!

Includes 2 boat dives (includes guided boat dives, tanks, weights, lunch, snacks and drinks, doesn’t include car transport from Kuta or equipment hire)

Belongas Bay

Suitable for moderate or advanced


Sekotong – The Southern Gilis

Suitable for beginner or advanced, the Southern Gilis is tucked away in the southwest region of Lombok. With powdery white sand beaches nestled in the many beautiful bays of the coastline and lots of small tropical islands, The Southern Gilis is a spectacular area to dive. The coral reef seascape is literally out of this world, with tabletop corals as big as your front room, piled one on top of the other next to giant barrel sponge that you could easily hide in. The Southern Gilis is very rarely frequented by other divers, so it is very likely that your will be the only bubbles dancing around your dive site.

Good for: Learning to dive (Padi Courses), advancing your diving (more PADI Courses) or fun diving of all levels.

Look out for: Amazing coral, macro heaven (nudibranch, scorpion fish, frog fish etc)

Includes 2 boat dives (includes guided boat dives, tanks, weights, lunch, snacks and drinks, doesn’t include car transport from Kuta or equipment hire)

Sekotong//The Southern Gilis

Suitable for beginner or advanced


Gili Air – DiveZone or Oceans5

The Gilis are by far the most famous location in Lombok for scuba diving. There is a huge number of well established dive centres on all three islands (Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan). Dive sites surround all 3 islands and dive boats can be seen everywhere. It is busy but it doesn’t feel too crowded. The dive sites have a lot of old and broken coral but amazingly the sea life is buzzing with schools of tropical fish, plenty of reef sharks and masses of turtles. Gili Air is a great place to learn to dive, to see some amazing underwater life and to enjoy a chilled island vibe.

Good for: PADI courses of all levels (including PADI instructor courses) and fun diving

Look out for: Turtles (loads of them!), reef sharks, schools of jack fish, mackerel and if you are lucky, the odd whale shark and manta ray.

Includes 2 boat dives (includes guided boat dives, tanks, weights, lunch, snacks and drinks, doesn’t include car transport from Kuta or equipment hire)

The Gili Islands are too far from Kuta to be able to dive in one day, you would need to stay at least a couple of nights to make the most of the diving. We can arrange transport and help you to book your accommodation if required.


Gili Air – DiveZone or Oceans5

Suitable for Advanced or Courses


Dive Sites in Kuta, Lombok

Belongas Bay

Challenging diving with big rewards!Famous for its dive sites “The Magnet“ and “The Cathedral“ you’ll find pristine reefs with an abundance of marine life. Here the seasonable sighting of schooling barracudas, tunas, and other pelagic life is fairly regular. Apart from the mobula- and eagle ray season during September, hammerheads have the tendency to school around the Magnet end June until early November.

As currents and dive conditions in south east Lombok can at times be quite challenging, at some of the dive sites we recommend diving only to the more experienced diver!

The Magnet (Batu Kapal)

A pinnacle in the open sea with challenging conditions and big fish action! Schools of mackerel, rainbow runner, tuna and barracuda accompany your dive, while you are on the lookout to spot the hammerheads. White tip- and black tip reef sharks are fairly common, but on occasion we also see the one or other pelagic shark around the pinnacle. Experienced divers only!

The Cathedral (Gili Anak Ewok)

This pinnacle comes up from around 50m and sometimes offers less challenging conditions than “The Magnet”. The pinnacle is a favorite place for sea snakes, and also many tunas, mackerels and barracudas can be found. In front of the cave entrance at around 40m we can watch schooling eagle rays circling around. Experienced divers only!

Gili Sarang

Many pinnacles and impressive boulders rise up from a depth of around 35m and offer impressive, colorful soft corals. Here too, big fish action. Giant trevalies, mackerels, sweet lips, surgeon fish, white tips, black tips, and, grey reef sharks. August/September is the best season for schooling mobula- and eagle rays. BIG FUN!!!

Blue Hole

A cave that has its entry point at about 17m, and once inside, opens up into a huge dome shaped cavern. Depending on the season and the swells, one can find, jacks, sweet lips, and surgeon fish taking a break in this more protected area.

Soft Coral Garden

A chain of small, soft coral covered, pinnacles beginning in a depth of around 12m, and reaching down to about 25m. Apart from the many reef fish, here we’ve seen Cownose rays, huge moray eels, as well as the one or other eagle ray on his way to Gli Sarang.

Boulder City

Starting at a vertical wall you descend to about 30 meters. There are a lot of big rocks forming hundreds of swim-troughs. Sharks, napoleons and many, many sweet lips and angelfishes have been seen here.




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