Pink Beach Snorkel & SUP Tour

Snorkel tours and family friendly days out in South Lombok. A day out to Pink Beach in East Lombok


It’s school holidays here in Lombok and I have been doing some catch up with my daughter after an extended time away from the family, when Pak Bruno from What Sup? Lombok rings me up to tell me that I’m going on a Pink Beach Snorkel tour. Sounds good, why not?

So the day starts at 8 with the What Sup? Lombok guide picking the guests up from their hotels; once all aboard, we set off driving north. “Are we not meant to be going East?” I ask the guide Doyok (YoYo to all his friends). “This is the quick route to East Lombok”, Yoyo responds. It’s a good thing we have a local guide; I’d be lost already.After a 1hr scenic drive past some stunning rice fields we arrive at the departure port and shuffle our gear from the car to the well setup local boat. 

Another 40 min gliding down the stunning East Lombok coastline on our right and the imposing mountains of Sumbawa across the strait to our left gets us to our first snorkel spot.

The water is crystal clear and we all are very ready to jump in and cool off. After some instruction on how to snorkel for those that needed it we all jump overboard and off we go. “Starfish, Starfish!” is all I can hear from my daughter as she zips left, zips right and zooms off.

I decide to take the lazy option and allow myself to drift with the current, knowing the boat is going to come pick me up, which it does about 20 min later. I have dived and snorkeled many places around the world but was pleasantly surprised to see an abundance of life and coral in such good condition, in crystal clear waters.  After the snorkel it’s off to Pink Beach for lunch, and here is where the guys at What Sup? Lombok stand out from the crowd. Not because YoYo surfed behind the boat on the sup board with said daughter between his feet,

and not because Pink Beach is not pink (we knew that!) but man, the lunch was fantastic!

All diets are catered for upon request but we all ate seafood and it was one of the best lunches I’ve had in a long time. Straight after lunch out come the second part of snorkel trip that you only get with WSL; stand up paddle boards. So in actuality it’s a Pink Beach Snorkel & SUP tour, which is unique to What Sup? LombokA good hour of lazying around the beach, having a paddle around on one of the SUPs and general swimming we were loaded back aboard and off we went to snorkel spot No 2. The water was just as clear and this time we had no current to contend with, so everyone floated around happily watching the general comings and goings of the various life forms under the sea surface.

So here I thought the trip was coming to a close but no, YoYo informs our group that actually they have one more trick up their sleeve, another beach stop to explore and stretch our legs. Lo and behold, this one topped them all. The beach is stunning, the sand is soft like flour, it was quiet, and it even looked pinker than pink beach! Haha! Finally, I got a pink beach photo!

So the day wound to an end and we meandered back towards the harbour. I’d like to say I sat and watched the scenery glide by, but in reality I fell fast asleep. We were back in Kuta a bit after 5.00pm. Thanks to Yoyo, the boat captain and his crew, who organised the lunch, and the guys at WSL for getting me to leave work behind for a day and enjoy a great day out with my daughter.

Snorkel and Sup Gili Nanggu, you’re up next!


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