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A quick guide to some lesser known water sports and activities available in Lombok.

Lomboks  lesser known Water

Sports & Activities


Lombok is fast growing a reputation for being the adventure island, for many good reasons.  Sometimes overlooked however, is the lesser known water sports that you can find on the island, apart from surfing!

With the rapid increase in infrastructure around the island, parts of Lombok, which till now have only been accessible by boat, are opening up to those who want to explore a bit further afield.  Bringing with this is access to bays, and beaches which are perfectly suited for a wide range of water based activities, and water sports that are popular for tourists and locals alike.


1. Kite surfing

Kite surfing or Kite boarding is the past decades fastest growing water sport.   As more and more people enter the sport, discovering new far flung tropical locations becomes part of the adventure.  South Lombok and the bays east and west of Kuta Bay (Lombok's premier surf destination) are just being discovered for their potential to provide Kite surfer's of all levels, from beginner to advanced riders, plenty to smile about.

  • Kuta Bay is the local home spot which offers good flat water and waves on the western side of the bay to play in.  The launching and landing can be a bit tricky due to the coral beach and large amounts of spectators that mingle on the shoreline when the kites are providing a colourful entertainment to the locals.  What Sup? Lombok staff are always around to assist as required.
  • Serintin Beach is our new favourite,  just 5min east of Kuta bay, it has clean wind, is generally a bit stronger, perfect side cross shore with a tidal lagoon and waves for the advanced rider
  • Kaliantan is the strong wind spot, not for those who are still learning to ride upwind as it is a onshore launching beach, it has a big soft beach to launch from then you need to kite directly upwind to the channel.  Its an advanced riders spot only.
  • To the west there is 2 secret spots that the staff at What Sup? Lombok are proud to say not only discovered but were the first to Kite these perfect crystal clear water lagoons.  Want to go there?  We can take you!


2.  Kayak Fishing

Where there is water, or water sports you will find Kayaking.  Kayak Fishing on the other hand is lesser known ocean activity for those fishing enthusiasts who like to create their own adventure.  With Lombok's myriad selection of bays its easy to kayak from bay to bay trolling a line to catch a Mahi Mahi.  The currents can be strong so a guide is advised.3.  Spear Fishing

South Lombok is a popular spot for Spear Fishing.  Kuta bay is used as a launching pad and there are several locals who specialise in making custom spear fish guns and are happy to act as guides to take you to the best location to catch your dinner.


4.  Stand Up Paddle

SUPing is fast becoming popular as a great alternative for those who want to get on the water with little, or no experience required. Its the perfect water based activity for people of all ages including families and surfers when there are no waves.

The entire coast of Lombok can be SUPed.  North Lombok provides calm waters over stunning coral reef and if your brave, a quick paddle to the popular Gili's is not unheard of.  South Lombok, take your pic of stunning bays, or combine a Stand Up Paddle with a snorkel trip to Pink Beach or Gili Nanggu.  You can hire a Stand Up Paddle board from us and launch directly out the front of our shop into Kuta bay, there is usually a selection of little waves to learn on or you can stay in the calm waters on the eastern side of the bay.  For no extra cost we can drop you in front of the Novotel Lombok to SUP over the pristine reef and glide your way back to the centre of the bay, where we will meet you and help you carry the board across the beach back to our shop.


5. Diving and Snorkeling

Their are several companies that offer diving based primarily in North Lombok, however as tourism is developing South Lombok dive spots are being scouted with several world class dive locations located within a boat ride of Kuta bay.  Considered advanced divers only there are potential hazards like strong currents, and choppy seas, but the quality of the water and marine life make these locations well worth the trip.  For less experienced divers the Gili's in North Lombok offer a wide selection of locations and their is a very well established dive industry to be found on all 3 Gili islands.


These are just a handful of the ocean activities or watersports in Lombok to keep the most avid adventurer entertained.  So if your thinking of coming to Lombok, feel free to give us shout at What Sup? Lombok and we will be more than happy to help steer you in the right direction for an water sport to suit you!



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