Top 5 beaches in South Lombok

When you think of South Lombok, the first things that spring to mind are the beaches, and rightly so; there are a plethora of absolutely gorgeous ones, each within an easy and stunning scooter ride of each other.

Whether your idea of a perfect beach day involves throwing yourself into water sports activities or working on that holiday tan, there is a beach for everyone. So, from nearest to furthest from Kuta, our top 5 South Lombok beaches are:

1. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is often overlooked as a domestic tourist bus unloading site, but it is definitely worth a mention.  There is a lot of construction along the beach at the moment, with the Mandalika project in full swing, but Kuta Beach has some surprises.  Tucked in down the end on the road towards Novotel is Monkey Hill, where you can come face to face with the sneaky critters, and down the other end, by Doyok's Homestay, is a lovely quiet part of the bay, with fishing boats and pandan trees.  The true call of Kuta beach lies in the activities, and here What Sup? Lombok can definitely help you out:  hire a SUP board for an early morning, serene cruise along the bay, or with this current epic wind, hire a kitesurf and have pretty much the whole bay to yourself!!

2.  Seger Beach

Seger Beach is mere minutes to Kuta Beach.  Located on the other side of the Novotel Hotel, it is the home of many a surf comp, as well as the uncontented best place to watch the sunset.  Grab some friends, buy a drink from the little warung at the beach, and walk the goat track up the hill for a 360 degree sun set view over the swell and back out to sea.  Epic way to end the day!

3.  Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan is located a few km to the east of Kuta, past Seger Beach turnoff and through some picturesque villages.  Earmarked for the Mandalika development project, it is still available to the public, and should not be missed.  Tanjung Aan consists of a beautiful bay with stunning shades of blue, peppery textrued sand and calm waters which are perfect for swimming, especially for families or those not so comfortable in waters.  Merese Hill stands at the end, and affords picturesque views over the while bay and headland.  

4. Mawun Beach

Mawun is located 7 km west of Kuta, the 2nd beach in a wonderful drive that meanders past the dusty gold mining area, dry tobacco fields and lush green rice fields.  Mawun is a truly beautiful horseshoe bay, with the vegetation coming right down to the fine sand, and still very much natural.  The waters are perfectly turquoise, but do be aware if you have children; the drop off is sudden and there is usually a current.  Some good snorkeling is found on the right hand side of the bay, and there are some huge shady trees to lie under for a bit of respite from the hot sun.

5. Selong Belanak Beach

Perhaps the most well known beach in the south, Selong Belanak is indeed a stunner.  Forty-five minutes drive from Kuta, it is usually the furtherest tourists go, past Are Guling, Mawun and Mawi Beaches, but it is worth every minute for the quintessential tropical horseshoe bay.  A row of traditional warungs line the pure white sand, and the water is every shade of turquoise with a perfect wave for the scores of beginners surfers and hundreds of traditional fishing boats moored out in the calm waters.  Grab a coconut from Jack's at the far end of the stalls, watch the water buffalos meander down the beach, and indulge in the most quintessentially gorgeous instagrammable shots!

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and explore South Lombok's gorgeous beaches!  

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