Best spots to watch the sunset in Kuta

Our favourite places to watch the sunset around Kuta, Lombok.

Sunsets in Kuta

In Kuta, your days are nicely taken care of. Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kitesurfing, fishing, diving or the myriad of other options to be had in South Lombok that are water based, or if you're the indoor type, yoga and coffees all day. Similarly, nights are easy: dinner, Bintangs and dancing seem to rule in this wee town of ours.  But what about inbetween? Sometimes it's nice to just relax, hang with friends, and have some down time. I personally am a big fan of sunrise and sunset. Nothing beats watching the day start, musing on what the day’s going to bring, or alternatively watching it end, taking a breather before you charge into the night.  And if you are in Kuta, it really turns on the show for sunsets. South Lombok is south facing, which means that with the sun setting in the west, we are not blessed with sunsets over the water, but these 2 spots listed below are famous for their own special beauty.


The most popular spot, and closest to town,for watching the sunset is Seger Hill. Head 5 minutes to the east of Kuta Bay, along the wonderful nice new Mandalika road, as signposted. Park by the beach, next to the warungs and buy cold Bintangs from one of the sellers there. It's a short walk up rather a steep goat trail, so be careful if you're wearing flip flops and its been raining. Once you're up there though, it is so pretty. And often windy. Seger Hill gives you a fantastic spot to sit on a patch of grass, looking out over the Novotel Bay, Kuta Bay and the mountains to the west. The sun sets behind the stunning mountainous region of West Lombok and usually casts a variety of colours into the clouds above and waves below. Seger is always peppered with a good number of local boys, usually strumming a guitar and singing to their friends or guests as the sky transforms from day to night. Of course it goes without saying, take your rubbish with you and leave nothing behind but your worries. For a quieter sunset, climb the next hill along, only a few hundred meters up the beach, which gives a great vantage point to look out over Segar Beach and Kuta Bay.

Seger Hill sunset, Kuta Lombok


Merese Hill

Our other favourite is Merese Hill.  This one is located further out of town, just before the Tanjungan Bay, and has the wow factor.  You can go via the old and very bumpy road, (which was past Novotel, Drop Inn Surf Camp and Fabulous Place) or take the bypass road that heads to Awang, turning right on the flash new Mandalika road that spits you out at Tanjungan Beach.  Park up at the bottom of the hill, buy your Bintang, coconut or Bakso, and follow the crowds up the hill. This hill is very popular with Indonesian tourists so you are rarely alone here.  Once you get to the clearing, you can either climb the hill to the left (steeper, higher) or the hill to the right (most popular) and sits right over the Bay. Here there are bays to your left and straight ahead, hills to wander around and gorgeous secret beaches down below. (Definitely worth coming back to check these out in daylight; beautiful and usually you're the only one there!)  It really is stunning and an amazing photo opportunity of the ocean, Seger, and beyond into Kuta Bay.  

Merese Hill sunset, Kuta

Now that the rain's stopped, we are getting some incredible sunsets here in Kuta, so grab a beer, grab your friends, and go climb a hill. See the sunset and feel oh so glad, and grateful, to be alive. 





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