Rainy Day Kuta Hangs

It's raining again! Cafes to the rescue!



Quick it's sunny! Head to the beach! Oh, hang on, here come's the rain again...ahhh yes, the joys of the rainy season. So what to do when you're in Kuta, it's pissing down, and you've had enough of binging on TV series and have to get out of the house? Clearly, pub hangs with roasts and the paper are out of the question, (one day, my friends, one day), but cafe hangs, that we can do. Here are our top 3 cafes to sit and have a cuppa, out of the rain.


Our favourite rainy weather spot is in the air-conditioned room at Milk Espresso. With a gutsy flat white, and a sneaky cinnamon roll, or what the heck, have the yummy butter chicken curry, the spot is popular with those of us who pretend to do work, computers open in front of us, diary spread eagled. Type 3 sentences, sip, gaze at the rain, check social media updates and daydream. Then friends pop in, and before you know it, you've caught up on the town goss, the rain's stopped and another hard day at 'the office' is done and dusted.

rainy day hangs at Milk Espresso, Kuta Lombok


Another great one is Kenza on the corner, all white and comfy, beautiful decor with trendy shell accented baskets and wooden & shell chandeliers. How my dream house looks. Grab a seat inside, on a comfy cushion or snag the glorious peacock chair, and order away, and wait for the rain to do its worst. Specialty juices (bee pollen and cacao bits, so ya know, its healthy), and have a slice of cake, mostly raw, not crazy sweet and a real treat. The benefit of Kenza being smack bang in the intersection means you get to people watch the comical antics of the daily scooter slow to a stop, who gives way? malarchy that goes on outside.rainy day hangs at kenza cafe, kuta lombok


Next door is the moroccan flavoured El Bazaar, and same owner means same great quality. On rainy days, I tuck inside in the hallway section, in a cosy table opposite concrete walls or curl up in the beautiful blue room. This back patio is one of my favourite places for a cup of mint tea, away from prying eyes. Ask Larbi about the origin of the wall colour; a great story. The courtyard open centre here means the rain drips down into the fountain; lovely and calming in light rain. The beef kebab is a delicious meaty option, but for me, mezze platter is a favourite, with the spiced spinach, though I do always ask for a pita bread top up! 

rainy day hangs at El Bazaar, Kuta Lombok

Of course there are many more, but these 3 central ones are my go tos, especially to hide from the world for an hour or two from rainy blahness. And don't forget, if you need a book to curl up with while you're knee deep in coffees and cakes, the What Sup? Lombok shop on the Kuta beachfront stocks some crackers of titles to buy. Mention this blog, and you might just get a special discount. Just be sure to get there before the clouds open!  



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