Learn to Kitesurf, Self Rescue

Want to learn to Kite surf?, you need to know how to Self Rescue!

The dreaded Self Rescue, it does not matter how good a kiter you are, whether you are learning, or an advanced rider. I can promise you that one day you will need to rescue yourself. It could be that the wind has dropped out just as you were about to turn back towards the beach, or you have crashed your kite and its now flailing about half inflated because a valve has let go, maybe a line has snapped, whatever the cause knowing how to self rescue, and to do it properly is absolutely a vital know how.

Self rescue is about getting you and your gear back to safety under the presumption that no one is able to offer assistance. Essentially there are 2 methods, both are shown in the video links below. Please take the time to watch these very good instructional videos.

1.The sail home method by Kitesurf tutorials 2.  The full packdown method by ISAF development

By watching the videos above you can appreciate the importance of practicing this thoroughly before having to do it in anger.

Remember the last thing you want is to be wrapped in your lines when the kite powers up or you are about to take a wave on the head. In some instances you may have very little time and no room for error. Whatever the situation, the first step of ensuring your kite is fully depowered on a single line. Now after wrapping all your lines onto your bar as neatly as possible. You should find yourself at your kite with all your lines secure on your bar, locked off, with several hitches, before deciding whether or not you can now use the kite to sail back to the beach, or you need to go the full pack down and proceed to paddle home.

Yours truly has self rescued himself many times. To read true accounts of when I applied each method and why, click on the links, Fiji and Woodmans Point. I hope by sharing these stories you will appreciate the importance of learning to self rescue as part of the parcel of learning to Kitesurf.

As always, at What Sup? Lombok kite school our fully qualified kite instructors are happy to teach this important skill, if you have not already been taught. If you choose to learn to kitesurf in Indonesia with us then we can assure you that it is already part of your lesson plan

Happy Kiting


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