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Shopping in Kuta, Lombok. New threads from a local designer. A must buy

Kuta, Lombok is fast establishing itself as a premier destination in Indonesia, providing a great alternative to Bali for those seeking a quieter, more laid back atmosphere. Lombok has always been the lesser known of the 2 islands but that is slowly changing. One thing that attracts tourists to Bali is the shopping. Now I’m not going to suggest that Lombok is close to providing the same variety of shopping experiences as Bali but, like Bali there is a healthy collection of designers and creativity.

When you come to Kuta Lombok, you will soon start to see some awesome local surf t-shirts being worn by the locals and expat community alike. One particular brand that stands out is BLUFF. BLUFF local designed apparel.

BLUFF is the work of Kuta’s own local designer Ary Craike. Ary is a busy guy who not only runs an art workshop for locals, but also is a well known DJ with a weekly residency, as well as the owner of Kuta’s go to for kicking pizzas and good electronic music, the BUS bar. Always the man with things in the pipeline, he is currently working on another project to provide Kuta with its first dedicated Sunday Session called NYULU, which is due to open this coming high season.

BLUFF comes in singlets and shirts and can be found at a variety of surf stores throughout Kuta including What Sup? Lombok. One of the most popular designs features the jagged B logo, representing the headlands overlooking the Ship Stern Break in Tasmania, for which Bluff is named.

BLUFF releases new designs on a regular basis and a portion of sales goes back into the community through his art workshop. So you can give a bit back to the community and go home with a truly unique t-shirt that won’t break your budget but is of high quality. Be sure to pop into your nearest surf outlet and buy BLUFF before you leave this tropical paradise we call home. Kuta, Lombok.


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